Weight loss

According to Healthy Community, we may be taking the wrong approach to weight loss. Well it appears that there are lots of wrong approaches, but what’s the right one. Read on below.

The universal thought regarding weight, is that once you lose weight, your health should improve. What if that were wrong? Although I would venture to say that it is not entirely wrong, it is backwards. We should improve our health in order to lose weight. Most of the time, the difficulty in losing weight is because there are health issues that cause the body to hold onto the weight as a protective mechanism.

One of the biggest causes of weight gain is stress. Stress can be emotional, physiological, or physical. You can have stress because of your diet, or because you aren’t sleeping well. In order to lose weight, we have to mitigate the stresses on the body.

Most people who are overweight are accused of overeating. Although that is true in many instances, people who under eat can have a weight issue also. They are typically malnourished! Yet they continue to put on the pounds, or have difficulty eliminating them. The quality of food is much more important than the quantity. They type of fat consumed is more important than the grams of fat. Counting calories is actually worthless! The quality as well as the quantity of carbohydrates (starchy foods) is a critical element, and one wrought with confusion, yet it really can be quite simple. Artificial sweeteners are one of the biggest faux pas in regard to weight management.

Source: Weight loss – the wrong approach? – Coeur d’Alene Press: Healthy Community