Vital Force Documentary

What is this vital force that some see and some don’t? Mr Salazar thinks he can help you to get it back. Watch this video.

The Vital Force has been known as Chi, Qi, Prana, Pneuma, Sekhem, Chu’lel among many other names by all prominent ancient civilizations and their own forms of traditional medicine.

They acknowledged this mysterious and important entity as the base for homeostasis and well being of the person.

Filmed in the beautiful Australia, ‘Vital Force’ covers topics that affect everyone who is concerned about having a healthy lifestyle and minimize harm to our planet’s ecosystems.

This documentary has been created by Carlos Urdiales Salazar and Lifematters Productions to spread awareness about the dangers of modern food and their non-sustainable practices, and offer clear and powerful options and solutions. Listen what the experts on many fields of traditional medicine and nutrition have to say about the state of affairs of the health care system, nutrition and your wellbeing.

‘Let thy Food be thy Medicine, and thy Medicine be thy Food’ — Hippocrates


See the whole documentary here