Health journey

In this India Today story, a health journey is documented.


Is naturopathy the ultimate answer?

After trying modern medication for years, none of Gaurav’s chronic problems seemed to improve. On his wife’s insistence, he gave naturopathy a shot and ended up losing 14 kgs in three months! This is 30-year-old Gaurav Shangari’s story.

Gaurav Shangari, before and after his weight loss.

At just 30 years of age, my life was caught up in health problems like high cholesterol, digestive issues, joint pains, excess weight and breathing difficulties, to name a few–modern medicine had not been able to provide a permanent solution so far. In March this year, when I went to NatureHealz (Gurgaon) on the insistence of my wife, I was highly skeptical about how my health improving without medication. My doctor at NatureHealz listened to my long list of health-related issues and assessed the situation. Then, based on my requirements and lifestyle, I was recommended a diet course and some simple therapies. Even though, honestly, I was quite unsure at first, I followed the instructions diligently, as I had grown tired of consuming pills on a daily basis for the past so many years.

Within two weeks, I began to see and feel the change. There was an initial adaptation period for my body, but the results were astounding. In the first month itself, I had lost about 5 kilos and my digestion and joint pains were reducing by the day. By the end of the second month, my digestion was completely normal, joint and muscle pains were minimal, but the change that took me by surprise the most was that my 18-year-old chronic bronchitis was beginning to fade. Before I started this therapy, during any season change, bronchitis would make my life hell, like clockwork. But now, without the use of any anti-allergy medicines or inhalers, I was breathing normally….

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