Fake diseases

There’s lot of criticism about Fake diseases being found by some practitioners. What’s your opinion on the naturopathy vs. science article by science based medicine.


This is another in an irregular series of posts that puts the statements of naturopaths up against the scientific evidence

How are you feeling today? Tired? Lethargic? Chilled? Lacking energy? Is it the nature of life – or is it something more serious? If you consult with a naturopath, you could walk out diagnosed with something called Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. But the naturopath would be wrong, because Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is a fake disease.

One of the hallmarks of alternative medicine is the “fake disease”. Fake diseases don’t actually exist – they are invented without any objective evidence showing that they are real. Fake diseases tend to emerge from vague symptoms which can’t be attributed to a specific medical diagnosis. This is not to say what patients are experiencing isn’t real – the issue is the diagnosis, and the practitioner making the call. As has been pointed out by other SBM contributors, it’s understandable to want reasons and answers when you have debilitating symptoms. But symptoms need to be studied in rational and objective ways in order to understand the underlying illness – call it the “root cause” if you prefer. The diagnosis guides the treatment plan, so getting a diagnosis right is essential. While a group of vague symptoms might lead a medical doctor to run tests to rule out serious illness, alternative medicine providers already know the underlying problem. It’s your Chi. Your energy fields. Your diet. Whatever it is, it’s usually your fault. Adrenal fatigue is a fake disease. So is multiple chemical sensitivity, and Morgellons (delusional parsitosis). “Chronic” Lyme disease is another fake disease. Rather than offer a guide to proper care, a fake disease is a distraction from the truth.

Fake diseases can be unjustified extensions of real diseases as well. You can definitely have a fungal infection throughout your body – and it may send you to the intensive care unit. But “chronic candida” infection, as diagnosed by alternative medicine purveyors, is a fake disease – it’s a collection of vague symptoms usually attributed to the bread, sugar and gluten in your diet that, while undetectable to modern medical testing, can miraculously be cleared with a detox kit. Food intolerances, when diagnosed by alternative medicine providers, are fake diseases as well – diagnosed using unvalidated testing and then treated with food restrictions and supplements….




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