Can Naturopathy Help In Curing Asthma?

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Can Naturopathy Help In Curing Asthma?

Can Naturopathy Help In Curing Asthma?

How Naturopathy can be a supportive therapy for the Asthma patients:

Asthmatic patients may find it incredibly supporting once they make up their mind to forsake artificial lifestyle and non-natural drugs and eating habits.

Q. What is Naturopathy and how can it help Asthma sufferers?

A: Naturopathy is a holistic therapy which imparts health by simply using natural means of treatment. The five elements work in proximity to cure as well as prevent illness and to restore balance of mind, body and spirit.

Q. What would Naturopathic treatment for Asthma consist of?

A: The patient would be made to go on fasting, preferably on warm lemon water. Warm water enema, hot fomentation of the chest, stomach and the back and hot water foot bath is needed. Mud packs on the abdomen and hot mud packs are to be applied to inter-scapular region. Also, chest massage preferably with camphor mixed into mustard oil and sun bath is to be followed. Deep breathing exercises (Pranayama) and Yoga poses like Bhujang asana and Yoga Mudra prove beneficial. Diet counselling includes vegetarian salads (or juices) like tomatoes, cucumber and carrot and citrus fruits.

Q. Would there be any possible side effects for sufferers taking a Naturopathic approach to Asthma relief?

A: Asthma being a chronic ailment requires patience and endurance and there may be no or least side-effects what-so-ever. Only it is the dependency on medicines that needs to be tolerated during the process.

Q. What would be the benefits of Naturopathic treatment?

A: The prime benefit of Naturopathy is that it entirely connects you with nature. It is the only mode of treatment where healing is consequential to using the five basic elements viz. ether (sky), air, fire, water and earth. As the Naturopathic treatment would put you to ease while helping you to recover from the ailment, you are also sure to experience the natural healing and overall wellbeing.

This interview was first published in women’s Fitness magazine, UK.


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