25 Easy & Delicious Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes

paleo slow cooker recipes
In our busy lifestyles we often don’t have time to cook our own food. This is something that is absolutely crucial when it comes to providing yourself and your family a meal that enables you to eat a diet that is just real food. Cooking at home is the best way you can improve your health and your families health.

But sometimes we need something that is easy to cook and these 25 delicious paleo slow cooker recipes are perfect for anyone that is consistently on the run! Prepare your meals and let the slow cooker do the work for you!

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1. Beef brisket

The awesome thing about paleo food is that it really resembles what we our parents and grandparents have been eating for a long time. It really is about finding our roots again and this lovely paleo beef brisket is a fantastic reminder that not all paleo food is not boring! This amazing comfort food is sure to be a hit with the family.

Paleo Beef-Brisket recipe

Photo credit: Elana’s Pantry

2. Crock pot apple pork tenderloin

Pork and apple work so amazingly well together, this recipe came to us as a surprise. Melt in your mouth perfect, this recipe is definitely worth a try. Josie says that it doesn’t look good, but we think it looks terrific! Give it a go.

3. Paleo crock pot cashew chicken

Here is an awesome take on the popular Asian cashew chicken dish. We love this as it is completely paleo and uses awesome ingredients to keep within the paleo guidelines while making it taste just as spectacular as the local Asian take-out without the added nasties.

4. Slow cooker Korean grass fed short ribs

Mmm, ribs! Is what a caveman would have said if he had tried these yummy paleo Korean grass fed short ribs recipe. Super flavorful and realitively easy to make. Big thanks to Michelle from Nom Nom paleo for this great recipe.

5. Slow cooker beef bone broth

Bone broth has to be one of the most nutritional superfoods that we can consume. It is jam packed with healthy fats, minerals and vitamins to help nourish your body and heal your gut (most important).

6. Paleo crock pot chicken tikka masala

Indian food without the preservatives or the added dairy, this tasty tikka masala beats the best Indian take-out food. The ingredients list is rather long, but definitely worth the extra added effort. To accompany this tikka masala try making some paleo cauliflower rice.

7. Enchilada chicken stew

Just itching for Mexican food? Go no further, another great recipe from Paleo OMG. All the Mexican flavors work so well together to form this recipe. Have a look!

8. Leftovers: mushroom gravy slow cooked rump roast

The best part about using the slow cooker to cook with is the intense flavor it brings out in almost any food that you put in there. To say the least a roast tastes even more spectacular when cooked in the slow cooker, a definite paleo recipe that is worth a try.

9. Honey ginger apple shredded pork

Pork is a great meat to cook in the slow cooker, perfect for lazy cooks while having maximum flavor and richness. Try out this lovely honey ginger apple shredded pork recipe tonight, you’ll love it!

10. Brazilian curry chicken

Brazilian’s love their food and especially their rice and beans, but this wonderful Brazilian inspired curry is on another level. The flavors are a perfect pairing with the chicken and do so well together.

11. Slow cooker Moroccan chicken

In normal Moroccan cooking chicken is usually cooked using a tajine or something of that sort which in fact acts a bit like a slow cooker. If you don’t have a tajine the regular run of the mill slow cooker is perfect for the amazing North African dish.

Paleo Slow-Cooker-Moroccan-Chicken recipe

Photo Credit: Savory Lotus

12. Crock pot stuffed peppers

George from the civilized caveman has done it again. Super simple crock pot stuffed peppers loaded with nutritious veggies and packed with flavor.

13. Honey Dijon crock pot chicken

Super simple and deliciously simple, this recipe only requires a handful of ingredients. Pop the whole chicken into the slow cooker and let IT do all the work for you.

14. Big tim’s crock-pot BBQ beef

This recipe lefts our mouths watering! Definitely a great way to enjoy the BBQ flavors without having to pull out the grill.

15. Rachel’s all American meat lovers chili

Chili is a favorite in almost every household in America, and now we have a paleo version mainly without the beans, but still oh so tasty!

16. Tangy pineapple pulled pork

This is a yummy tangy pineapple pulled pork that everyone should try for dinner. Pineapple works well to aid digestion and works even better with this paleo friendly pork recipe.

17. Beef and butternut squash stew

A classic stew with butternut squash, tasty and absolutely melt in the mouth. Be sure to try this one out on the kids, they won’t know what hit em!

paleo butternut squash recipe

Photo Credit: Rubies & Radishes

18. Salmon head soup

Now this recipe sees a bit squeamish but have an open mind. The nutritional value of eating an entire fish is great. There are numerous benefits associated with gelatin which is a natural healing agent for your gut.

19. Crock pot balsamic glazed drumsticks

If you love honey soy chicken from your local Asian take-out then these drumsticks are to die for.

20. Easy crock pot breakfast pie

Ever had a pie for breakfast? Then this is one that you will have to try easily a recipe that will be one of the favorites in your household.

21. Slow cooker lemongrass and coconut chicken drumsticks

Asian flavors are amazing when used in a slow cooker and this recipe has it all, nutrition and flavor.

22. Slow cooker pork shoulder roast

Another wonderful recipe from Nom Nom Paleo and this one is a great take on a classic pork shoulder roast. Have this for a Sunday lunch or a dinner.

23. Slow cooker curried goat shanks

Now here is a meat that is underutilized that should be eaten more. Goats are mostly grass fed and pasture raised, which is a win win. This great recipe does the meat justice, goats are famous for being an awesome meat for cooking in curries.

24. Slow cooker chicken cacciatore

This recipe is jam packed full of flavor and added veggies with the accompaniment of a range of anti-inflammatory spices.

25. Paleo herb braised short rib

Love this recipe for its simplicity literally anyone can make this recipe. Give this one to the kids! Definitely worth a try.